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Ice Age Animatronic Animal

Ice Age Animatronic Animal
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Product name:Ice Age Animatronic Animal



Animal Info:
(1). Do you wan to see real ice age animal? Here Ice Age Animatronic Animal offered you
(2). Outdoor Animatronic Animal Model from Ice Age
(3). People like watching the
Ice Age Animal Alive

More Statement:
1>Amusement Park theme model exhibition---Simulation Prehistoric Animals
2> Educational biology model exhibition (Animatronic Prehistoric Animals Exhibits Indoor Equipment)
3> Attractive artificial animal landscape with robotic animal function and decorative function
4> Big game taxidermy decorate jungle restaurant such as handcraft Prehistoric Animals ornament
A>Rainforest restaurant decoration animatronic animals
B>Animatronic decoration Prehistoric Animals theme restaurant
C>Large size animatronic Prehistoric Animals animals rainforest restaurant exhibit
Dimensions of animatronic Prehistoric Animals:
Indoor Exhibited Artificial Prehistoric Animals Replica with 2.5m height (Mini size Prehistoric Animals Model as indoor ornament)

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