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Sea Life Animatronic Animal Show in Lighthouse Museum

Author:Dinosaur Date:10/30/2012 9:27:01 AM

Sea Life Animatronic Animal is a unique tour exhibition that brings extreme sea animal even legendary creatures to life, will be on display from Nov.1 to Dec. at Augustine Lighthouse Museum. 

This interactive Animatronic Animal Event for visitors that developed by Monter Ness Laboratory offers a sight into the huge sea monster characteristics through hands-on educational means.

"This Animatronic Animal Exhibition will share the profession of the laboratory and take Legendary Sea Creature Model to our visitors" said Stoya Ganna, managing Director of Collections, Interpretation, and Programs at the Lighthouse.

Sea Life Animatronic Animal at the museum

Whilst keeping mysterious to the public, because of good effect to our Sea Life Animatronic Animal Exhibition, they have began to plan order second groups of Mythic Animatronic Animal Exhibits. Some still encourage exploration while people know more monsters will be coming.

On one hand, the local famous Dinosaur Alive Park reputation, over 1000 wishful eye-witnesses and amount classic photography. On the other hand, hoaxes and illusions, Scotland's journey and the legacy of the ice, life in the abyss and a possible underlying truth

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