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Prehistoric Animatronic Dinosaur Show in Jurassic Forest

Author:Dinosaur Date:11/2/2012 2:56:32 AM

In the Canadian Jurassic Forest, 46 Prehistoric Style Animatronic Dinosaur Model exhibits. Outdoor forest park want to enlarge its scale and entertainment area. The Prehistoric Dinosaurs Model first come to their brains, so they planed to build Biggest Jurassic Dinosaur park in Canada. Although client once hold Life Sized Dinosaurs Exhibition all over the country, they applied fixed tourists site building plan to Canadian Government. Finally, the plan was administered through 3 years works from all kinds of fields. Fist step in the plan, our client planed to order 46 different periods Prehistoric Animals Replica to demonstrate millions years ago world and creatures. Client has believe that the Artificial Dinosaurs and Animals Model would highlight for Forest Park as good entertainment equipment. Second step, they need 30 Life Size Ice Age Animatronic Animals to show Ice Age features,

The Animatronic Yongchuanosaurus Model exhibited in Forest park to represent little Carnivorous Dinosaurs habits. The little size Robotic Dinosaurs act as wolf which own team work and ferocity, and would hunt pery together. Once aimed by them that means your life end over.


Same species such as Animatronic Velociraptor Replica almost own similar habit to yongchuanosaurus. The dinosaur has faster speed when they hunt, but their endurance less than yongchuanosaurus. So, Velociraptor normally close to pery and suddenly attack, and belong to best predator and killer in the Natural World. The Handmade Dinosaur Model shock many visitors with its scary appearance. Kids almost think this fierce Full Size Dinosaur Statue is alive, and been fightened cry.