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Our Real Size Animatronic Dinosaurs at the Czech Republic Dinopark

Author:Dinosaur Date:11/11/2012 5:22:56 AM

I manxie Our Real Size Animatronic Dinosaurs Model Show in Czech Republic Dinosaur Park, which is biggest Prehistoric Dinosaurs Replica park in Europe. The client had cooperated with us for 4 years as one quality cooperated partner. In the beginning time, we made some Fiberglass Dinosaurs Model to its park and gave their confidence that our Handmade Fiberglass Animals still be quality. More over, client tried to order popular Animatronic Dinosaurs to exhibit more kids and young visitors. That rising Dinosaurs Exhibiting idea to traditional visitors who were used to enjoying Full Sized Static Dinosaur Landscape, but confirmed that the right thoughts and manage concept. Our Handcraft Animatronic Animals got much favor from the park visitors.

This is little Fiberglass "Dino Park" Entrance Landscape. Our made this sign Jurassic Park Landscape that cost much time and energy. Through more 30 days craft procedure making such as mould making, rolling over, gluing silicone, shaping and finished model.
Real Size Animatronic Dinosaur at the dino park
The theme is "Dinosaurs Extinction" scene. Client's thoughts that make visitors imagine huge Prehistoric Creatures extincting scene. One vivid Artificial Iguanodon Head Model show scary roaring other predators coming to it for hunting.
In the mysterious Dinosaurs World, Pterosaur is the king to sky. They fly over in the blue sky and hunt all kinds prey depend on keen vision and sensitive flying. The Handmade Pterosaur Model was hanged in the sky seem like flying to true world.