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Life-Sized Dinosaur adventure for the entire family

Author:S Date:10/21/2012 9:34:38 AM
Calling it a prehistoric adventure for the entire family because of our Life-Sized Dinosaur Animatronics, Carowinds officials declared plans to demonstrate what will be the Animatronic Dinosaur Park’s fourth multimillion-dollar attraction in three years.

Dinosaurs Alive!, an attraction that will feature 32 roaring and moving Animatronic Dinosaurs along a trail extending across five wooded acres close to the Theme Park’s south gate, is slated to open in Summer 2013, which will mark the park’s 40th anniversary.

“It is a great opportunity,” said Chris Kuby, Carowinds’ director of marketing. “Kids young and young at heart have a charm with these Prehistoric Dinosaurs that roamed the planet over 200 (centuries) ago.”

It will include more than 15 Dinosaur Animatronics scenes representative of the prehistoric period, such as one that recreates the findings of the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry in NJ, where the densest concentration of Jurassic Period Dinosaur Bones ever found were underworld. Prominent among those findings were bones from the predatory Stegosaurus. Another scene features herds of Pachyhinosauruses – plant-eating, horned dinosaurs – and is based on the findings of a dig site where the dinosaurs were believed to have extincted in a flash flood.

The Animatronic Dinosaur attraction, which Carowinds officials say will be the largest Theme Dinosaur Park in the Southeast, will include interactive features, dinosaurs that will move and roar by sensor, walking animatronics and a dinosaur dig site for Children.

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