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Animatronic Dinosaur as Park Attractions

Author:Dinosaurs Date:8/15/2013 2:27:05 AM
In the Adventure Wonder Sweden, 7 large and shocking Animatronic Dinosaur is carried to new opening area Dinosaur Island. These hungry large bodies add new pleasure to traditional theme park. As Theme Park Attraction Animatronic Dinosaur, we cost closely 2 months to create 7 all over 20m long dinosaur models with 90% simulation degree. Seriously, we make these dinosaurs according to museum demand because our client need buidling one union of education and entertainment from dinosaur field.

In the Dinosaur Island, built one train track. People can ride the train to tour for watching these vivid simulation dinosaurs in the center of the track around. They move and roar at the visitors seem like a predator. Once people approach them, dinosaurs seemingly come to life and make visitors feel surprise.

"We surely can not think of it that these museum attraction dinosaur come to the park with real muscle. Just in the museum, we only see their skeleton and sculpture, but we can see alive dinosaur here. It is amazing." said by Sara Deer, who is a visitor of them.