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Animatronic Animal Rated for Your Halloween Pleasure

Author: Date:10/26/2012 8:44:07 PM

Dr. Duton Fisher built the Kids Home in 2007 for children pleasure. Unfortunately, while Fisher was a medical talent, later developing medical career, but he still not forget his dream home for pleasure of kids, so he bought Animatronic Animal in his mattamore after he earn much by medical skill. Fisher also named his new home Kids Pleasure with amazing Prehistoric Animatronic Animal with movements and roaring as dinosaur.  Each Halloween, he would invite loca kids to come to his Kids Pleasure for enjoying, and these Animatronic Animals brought endless happiness to children. Because of his hard work and contribution for kids, obtained local government reward as top educator. 

Fun Fact: Fisher and partner, Dr. RockySlee, formed Pocono Kids Park in 2010, that shows more Life-Sized Animatronic Animal and fun stuff for its entertainment cause.