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Animated Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition in Singapore

Author:Dinosaur Date:11/7/2012 8:32:44 AM

The Animated Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition in Singapore. Our Singapore client own outdoor and insoor 2 theme Life sized Dinosaur Model Exhibition, so they need lots Artificial Dinosaurs Replica to decorate outdoor and indoor playground. 67 mini large size Dinosaurs Replica made by us and demonstrate theme playground. That biggest simulation Dinosaurs Exhibition in Singapore, and hold many dinosaur theme program to visitors. Many tourists and local people enjoy one huge  "Back Jurassic Dinosaur World" exhibition and program.

Client has 3000 Sq m outdoor garden playground, so they need our 3D layout design so that offer one whole concept about layout Animatronic Dinosaurs Model. Through our professional computer art designer work, beautiful one picture that dinosaurs plan layout came out and gave much inspiration to our client.

"Rescue Dinosaur Plan Has Started" theme bring much joy to visit Dinosaur Grogram. Some groups people act first-aid team and treat Herbivorous Dinosaurs Replica wouds such as the Animatronic Stegosaurus. The stegosaurus produced sad roarng seem like just now escaped one disaster. Our first-aid team use rescue box to handle its wouds that give much educational meaning which protect the world's animals